Trump: ‘No reason’ for Korea war games right now

President Trump on Wednesday said there was “no reason” for joint U.S.-South Korea military exercises at the moment, citing ongoing discussions over North Korea’s nuclear program. “The President believes that his relationship with Kim Jong Un is a very good and warm one, and there is no reason at this time to be spending large

Trump warns Iran’s Rouhani: Threaten us ‘and you will suffer’

President Trump on Sunday night warned that if Iran continued with its threats to the U.S. the country would suffer unspecified “consequences.” In a tweet, written in all caps and directed explicitly at Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, Trump wrote: “Never, ever threaten the United States again or you will suffer consequences the likes of which

Trump demoralizes his own team with dizzying Russian moves

President Trump’s bungled effort to warm up to Russian President Vladimir Putin has driven a wedge between him and his own administration as it seeks to crack down on Moscow’s hostile activities. Rank-and-file intelligence and national security officials feel demoralized by the president’s failure to publicly call out Putin for interfering in the 2016 election,

Trump says relationship with May is ‘very, very strong’ after ripping her Brexit plan

President Trump claimed Friday that his relationship with British Prime Minister Theresa May remained “strong” after giving an interview to a British newspaper criticizing his counterpart’s plan for leaving the European Union. The president ignored shouted questions from reporters upon arriving at May’s Chequers estate Friday for another round of discussions with the British leader,

5 things to watch as Trump heads to NATO summit

President Trump will arrive in Brussels on Tuesday night with an eye toward pushing allied members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to boost their defense budgets. Despite Trump’s push, the heads-of-state confab risks being overshadowed by growing tensions between the U.S. president and European allies, Trump’s policies outside of NATO and his summit

Judge awards Charlottesville rally organizer $5 after activist curses at him

A Charlottesville judge on Friday awarded $5 to Jason Kessler, the organizer behind a white supremacist rally that turned violent last year, after an activist cursed at him, violating Virginia’s anti-dueling statute. Kessler had filed a $500 lawsuit against Donna Gasapo, alleging that she had used profanity and insulting language against him outside of an

Trump defends results of summit with Kim, announces end of joint war games with South Korea

President Trump on Tuesday denied he made any concessions in his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un even as he announced joint U.S.-South Korean military exercises will stop during negotiations. Trump also said Pyongyang agreed to destroy a “major” missile testing site after he and Kim signed a joint statement to make a