Josie Canseco, daughter of former MLB star, claims family is ‘broke,’ didn’t live off her ‘family name’

Josie Canseco, a Victoria’s Mystery model and girl of one portion of the Slam Siblings, stood up via virtual entertainment on Monday about being independent and her family’s cash.

Canseco wrote in a progression of since-erased Instagram posts her family is “penniless” and didn’t get the development in life since she came from cash.

“Everybody guaranteeing I came from this rich cash since I’m a ‘canseco’ do ur research,” the 26-year-old composed Monday morning. “My ‘family cash’ was unceremoniously passed up the time I was 6/7 w chapter 11 n I needed to work like a dog to support my ‘family name’ as well as cover my bills cause nobody paid that s- – – with the exception of me.
“My family is destitute and I dont get the development of a family that was rich.”

She added that she was under water for “years” and was making about $100-per-week when she initially began her demonstrating profession.

I’m burnt out on being sorted when it was totally different,” she added. “I’m past thankful in light of the fact that I unquestionably have been graced with the honor of being brought into the world inside a family that procured what they acquired yet deferentially, the assumption isn’t all what it appears.”

Josie is the girl of Jose and Jessica Canseco.
Jose Canseco featured for the Oakland Games, winning a MVP grant in 1988 and furthermore brushing the entryways off the steroid embarrassment that tormented the association in the last part of the 1990s and mid 2000s. He apparently made about $40 million from his playing vocation and petitioned for financial protection in 2012.

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