Virgin Islands subpoenas Elon Musk, seeks documents involving Jeffrey Epstein, JPMorgan

The U.S. Virgin Islands has summoned Elon Musk for reports in the public authority’s claim against JPMorgan Pursue including Jeffrey Epstein, a court recording said

The Virgin Islands is suing JPMorgan over sex dealing acts committed by Epstein as a component of its work to “consider responsible the people who worked with or partook in, straightforwardly or in a roundabout way, the dealing undertaking” of the departed lender, the public authority said in the recording on Monday.

The public authority said its examination uncovered JPMorgan “purposely, foolishly and unlawfully gave and got the switches through which Epstein’s enrollment specialists and casualties were paid.”

Musk stood in opposition to the summon on Twitter Monday, referring to it as “dumb” and denying any warning association with Epstein.

Epstein, a rich multifaceted investments director who was captured July 6, 2019, had to deal with government penalties for purportedly dealing minors. Epstein was found dead in his prison cell about a month after he argued not blameworthy.

Government wants documents regarding communication between Musk and JPMorgan or Epstein

The Virgin Islands trusts Epstein “may have alluded or endeavored to allude” Musk to JPMorgan as an expected client, the recording said.

The summon, which was given on April 28, looks for archives since Jan. 1, 2002, in which Musk spoke with JPMorgan or Epstein about the mutual funds administrator or his part in Musk’s records, exchanges or monetary administration.

It likewise looks for reports in regards to charges Musk paid to Epstein or JPMorgan regarding Musk’s records, exchanges or relationship at JPMorgan, and any archives with respect to Epstein’s contribution in illegal exploitation or “his acquirement of young ladies or people for business sex.”

Musk responds on Twitter: ‘Idiotic

Musk answered a Twitter account on Monday that posted an article about the summon referring to it as “moronic on such countless levels.”

“That loser never prompted me on anything at all,” Musk said on Twitter. “JPM let Tesla down decade prior, regardless of having Tesla’s worldwide business banking business, which we then, at that point, pulled out. I have never pardoned them.”

In the documenting, the Virgin Islands said it has not had the option to serve Musk the summon in light of the fact that it has not had the option to find him.

The public authority said it employed an insightful firm to scan openly available reports information bases for potential locations where Musk can be found, however just found a location to one of his legal advisors who didn’t answer their email.

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