Rush Limbaugh Exposes Humiliating Reason The FBI Ignored The Warning About Florida Shooter

The news came out that the FBI got a tip about the Florida school shooter before the shooting. So why wasn’t the FBI able to do anything about it? Rush Limbaugh exposes the humiliating answer.

“So he gave them the actual name of the guy who posted the comment — the promise, the threat — to do this, Nikolas Cruz, white Hispanic. And the FBI didn’t do anything with it,” said Limbaugh after playing an audio clip..

“So Bennight here, the guy you heard on the audio, said, ‘I don’t know what the FBI has to do to track down real identities. First, they’d call YouTube, and then YouTube would have to divulge the privacy of whoever sent the alerted and all of this,’ but they still had the real name to go on. But, folks, we need to back off the FBI here just a little bit,” said Limbaugh.

“The FBI is really busy right now. They’re busy, I’m sure, tracking the entire Trump administration looking for additional sexual harassers,” joked Limbaugh.

“I mean, there may be as many as 4,000 of ’em in there they gotta track down. And then they’re still trying to corroborate the Steele dossier. And that’s a worldwide effort. So the FBI has spread its resources here very, very thin, and we’ve gotta keep that in mind,” said Limbaugh. Do you think he brings up a really good point? Do you wish the FBI did their job instead of spending all of their time on partisan politics?